Your Input Matters

Categories: Happenings at CSZ

I get asked all the time, “what does a Director of Engagement do?” My answer is, “you tell me.” In other words, my role is to explore why you come to Sha’ar Zahav and to respond by creating programming, communications, member services, and volunteer opportunities that meet those needs. I’m not a customer service rep, but rather a friendly ear ready to listen to your newest passion, your raison d’etre, and your deepest spiritual needs, both because I care and to ensure that Sha’ar Zahav continues to be a place where you can see those needs being met.

We have created new opportunities to engage with Sha’ar Zahav. For example, we have increased programming and streamlined our communications, making it easier for to know what’s happening here and to give you ways to participate and shape our community.

We also recently launched Sha’ar Zahav’s new website, our two-way communication platform designed for “conversations,” between staff and members, Sha’ar Zahav, and the broader world.  This project took several months to complete and required many hours of work by member volunteers. Thank you to them for their time and efforts, for without them our site would not be as useful as it is today.

Our website is a physical manifestation of our values-authenticity, empathy, engaging with difference, and commitment-and can be seen on every page. For example, you will find member stories throughout the site, shining a light on our diversity and the ways Sha’ar Zahav has affected individual lives. I invite you to read those stories, and to return to the website as more stories are added. I also encourage you to share your story either on our website (contact me for details), via Facebook, or with me.

I am honored to serve Sha’ar Zahav in this capacity. You are a truly talented and dedicated group of individuals that created and continue to create a unique Jewish community.

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