Over the Rainbow

Sha’ar Zahav is a place that changes lives – empowers us to create our own Judaism – connects us to a welcoming community – and infuses our lives with Jewish wisdom and spirituality.

What words come to mind when you think of Sha’ar Zahav? And what do you care most about?

  • Our Rabbi – who teaches, supports and inspires?
  • Our school, Beit Sefer Phyllis Mintzer – which empowers our kids to be the authors of their own Jewish identity?
  • Our Adult Education Programs – where many of us began and many more continue our Jewish journeys?
  • Our Building – where we join together in a welcoming home?
  • All of these aspects?
  • Or perhaps something else?

Our Over the Rainbow Campaign is a way for you to express what inspires you at Sha’ar Zahav while providing the financial support we need to thrive.

Our goal is to raise $36,000 for each of these four areas – $144,000 all combined to the general fund.

And with the support of the Va’ad (Board of Directors) and a handful of underwriters, we’ve already raised half ($72,000) of our goal!

So, we’re asking you to take us OVER THE RAINBOW with your pledge.If you’re new to Sha’ar Zahav, this campaign is separate from your membership contribution — it is an additional investment in the future of our community.  And if you can’t afford to contribute financially, we understand. For others who can, we’re depending on YOU!

We won’t be bugging you with phone calls this year!  So don’t wait for another nudge — DO IT NOW!

We want a Sha’ar Zahav that provides you with the inspiration and community you seek.  And WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Our Rabbi

  • Who teaches, supports, and inspires members
  • Who provides visibility for our community
  • Who encourages our individual spiritual paths and growth

Our School, Beit Sefer Phyllis Mintzer 

  • Which empowers everyone to become the authors of their our Jewish identity
  • These are ALL of our children — we’re investing in the next generation

Adult Education

  • We are all learners, regardless of our backgrounds
  • To spark curiosity, discovery, and Jewish growth
  • This is where so many of us have begun our Jewish journeys

Our Cantor

  • Who provides us with exquisite music
  • Who enhances our spiritual abilities

Our Building

  • A beautiful home for our community, both now and in the future!
  • This is a place where everyone can feel safe expressing their Jewishness
  • Our physical legacy – much of our history is rooted here


Thank you for your support!