Continuing Hebrew

Dates: Thursdays: January 24-April 11, 2019

Time: 7:00-8:00 pm

Location: Sha’ar Zahav, 290 Dolores Street SF 94103

A continuation of our beginning Hebrew class, this course is for students who have already learned the Hebrew alphabet and know some basic vocabulary. This class will provide opportunities to practice reading and decoding Hebrew, and expand your Hebrew vocabulary. Additionally, we shall study several key prayers in the Sha’ar Zahav’s siddur (prayer book). This class provides a friendly and supportive learning environment, and patience and sensitivity will be shown to adult learners with limited time for study. New students who have already mastered the Hebrew alphabet (or who have mostly mastered the Hebrew alphabet) are encouraged to join! Please feel free to contact the class instructor (michael.lederman@gmail.com) if you’re not sure if this class will be the right level for you.

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Non-members: $126

Members: $54


This class has passed and will be offered again Fall 2019 

Introduction to Hebrew

Dates: Thursdays, October 4-December 6, 2018 (meets weekly for 10 sessions)

Time: 7:00-8:00 pm

Location: Sha’ar Zahav, 290 Dolores Street SF 94103

Open to members and non-members

Would you like to be able to decode Hebrew, so that you can follow along in the prayer book? Have you always wondered how the Hebrew language works? It is never too late to start learning Hebrew! This class is intended for first time Hebrew students, and will begin by learning the letters and the sounds that they make. You’ll be reading Hebrew words in no time! This course will be led by Michael Lederman. If you have any questions, please contact Adult Education chair, Mark Pressler at markpressler@gmail.com.

If you are looking for a more advanced class in translating Biblical/liturgical Hebrew, contact Mark Pressler so we can gauge interest.


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